Admin – Manage Schedules


Schedules are timed configuration changes for equipment. They can be applied to one site or many sites (depending on your level of control and the source of the schedule), and they can be applied to one piece of equipment or many.

The iCON system allows for the creation of two types of schedules:

Schedules are the default weekly schedule type, put into effect as soon as they are created. They run on a permanent basis until the schedule for associated pieces of equipment is changed. Schedules are saved in the iCON system even when they are not running so they can be edited and/or reused later.

Special Events span for 24 hours only, and are intended for extended holiday hours, closures, and other unusual days where you need your equipment to run for a longer or shorter time than normal. Special Events will temporarily override your regular Schedule, which is restored once the Special Event’s 24 hour period has expired.

Each schedule of either type consists of three main components: The time table, the HVAC settings component, and the Automation settings component.

Schedules created Locally (at & for a particular site) can not be applied to any other site or location than their site of origin. Schedules created via the cloud by Corporate can be applied to any site within that corporation.